About DefineRight

We Help Companies Sustain and Scale

DefineRight is a business and technology services company that is committed to elevating our clients’ business performance by solving operational challenges through its Business Enablement Services.

Leveraging AI, ML, and various high-end technologies together with the 50+ years of the breadth of our business knowledge, we transform complex problems into fit-for-purpose solutions. From complex business challenges to routine business operations, DefineRight data and analytics help companies sustain, scale, and excel in their areas.

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Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to use the power of collaboration to create Joy at work and have that reflect in the quality of our work and service toward our customers.

Our Values

With collaboration as the central core, our values run on transparent communication, excellent service quality, being ever curious, and having an intrapreneurial spirit.


Meet Our Core Team

Excellence in business & analytics and a determination to help companies grow brought our leadership team together and led DefineRight.


Vivek Sharma
Digital Strategy Advisor
Avik Biswas
Legal Advisor
Combined Experience
Skilled Analysts
Delivery Adherence


Let's Collaborate and Grow

Powered by the best in-house tools, technology, and methodologies, DefineRight collaborates with businesses to bring optimum and feasible solutions to their problems. Our subject-matter experts and their years of expertise across several industrial domains not even add valuable insight but brings innovative ideas to scale and diversify a business.

At DefineRight, we believe analytics keep a business alive and relevant for years through its deep insight and solutions. And we maintain this state of flow and support you to grow through our customized data and analytics solutions.