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Business Analytics Service

Businesses are probing for data-driven decisions to get agile & reliable operations, drive business strategy and change, and reduce operating costs. DefineRight (DR) is rendering Business Analytics Solutions to transform business data into meaningful information and support organizations in data-driven decisions.

DR uses diagnostic, prescriptive, predictive analytics and statistical analysis, prescriptive methods for business analytics, preconditioned on business requirements. With a background of understanding the life sciences industry and intelligent application of AI and ML tools and techniques, we delve deeper into the data to identify and analyze trends and patterns. Our data analysts and software experts can competently thrive in big data with technical and non-technical skills like SQL, R, Python, SPSS, SAS, Excel, problem-solving, critical thinking, etc. Analyze and transform your data into a meaningful insight with DefineRight business analytics solutions.

Index of Business Analytics Solutions by DefineRight

Our business analytics services meet the industry-specific analytics requirement. We enable businesses to make use of their varied and large data sets to enable decision-making through timely and relevant insights. We optimize and automate the analytics delivery process for faster insights, always keeping in mind the quality. Along with business enablement services like application engineering and change management, we are supporting businesses with the following analytics services:

Data Engineering

The amount of data that a company generates has increased many folds over the years. Clean, curated, and standardized data forms the backbone of good Analytics. We help transform data from various siloed sources, convert them into useful and actionable information using different ETL/ELT techniques and help you answer business questions that span across your systems. We also build customized business applications that can help collect, manage, and convert raw data into usable information. Creating and Implementing data validation rules leveraging on our industry knowledge to ongoing maintenance of data quality.

Business Analytics and Data Visualization

The availability of data by itself does not yield the required insights. Understanding the need of the stakeholders and then creating analytics that can give them specific insight at the right time should be the top endeavor. We help with Data Discovery, data reporting, and coming up with the right visualization that helps your customers get relevant insights out of your data.

We use our Analytics Delivery Framework to guide the discovery and build process to ensure that the dashboards we produce have the right information and that the information is displayed following the UI/UX best practices so that users can easily navigate from data to insights to actions.

Advanced Analytics

Businesses want to adopt an advanced analytics strategy but often are not able to come up with a good business case to justify investments. They also need a flexible operating model that allows them to create an environment where they can constantly test advanced analytics-driven business solutions. DefineRight provides that flexible operating model through a combination of business and data experts for you to test ideas to get stakeholder buy-in before large-scale implementation.

Data Quality and Governance

The DefineRight Team has experience with various data governance tools and frameworks that allow organizations to implement and monitor the differences in data quality. From mapping your data to the sources, creating data quality rules for validation, managing data assets and lineage, governing the change control process as well as providing data stewards, DR can contribute in various ways to the execution of your Data Quality Strategy.

Key Benefits of DefineRight Business Analytics Services

Data insight and reports by DefineRight address unique challenges encountered by an organization, department, function, and another business objective. Some benefits that DR brings to business through its Business Analytics Services:

  • Fast decision-making – DR helps with understanding your current process of delivering analytics and provides recommendations and creates reusable assets to speed up the process of delivering analytics.
  • Save time on complex Data engineering – Work on the data consolidation, cleaning, and other activities that are important for insightful analytics allowing your team to focus more on the insights from the data.
  • Adoption – DR helps create dashboards that are driven by UI/UX best practices as well as DR’s discovery framework to ensure better adoption of the dashboards.
  • Responsiveness – DR partners with your function to create quick analytic deliverables for time-sensitive leadership and operational questions from stakeholders.
  • Quality – Our Quality Checklist ensures that all analytics are delivered with the utmost quality.

Make Your Business Data-centric with DefineRight Business Analytics Solutions

The data-driven business analytics solutions by DefineRight benefit in many areas like operational strategy roadmap for your overall data strategy, metrics and KPI Discovery for efficient performance reporting, Intuitive dashboards for real-time decision making, and quality roadmap for making your data more usable for analytics. A data-centric approach helps boost the health of a business and gives a competitive edge. Schedule a meeting with our data experts to strategize your business actions.