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Business Analytics Service

Businesses are probing for data-driven decisions to get agile & reliable operations, drive business strategy and change, and reduce operating costs. DefineRight (DR) is rendering Business Analytics Solutions to transform business data into meaningful information and support organizations in data-driven decisions.

DR uses predictive analytics, statistical analysis, prescriptive analytics, and diagnostic analysis methods for business analytics, preconditioned on business requirements. With an intelligent application of AI and ML tools and techniques, we delve deeper into the data to identify and analyze trends and patterns. Our data analysts and software experts can competently thrive in big data with technical and non-technical skills like SQL, R, Python, SPSS, SAS, Excel, problem-solving, critical thinking, etc. Analyze and transform your data into a meaningful insight with DefineRight business analytics solutions.

Index of Business Analytics Solutions by DefineRight

Our business analytics solutions are custom-built to meet the industry-specific analytics requirement. We enable businesses to optimize and automate their process with an excellent overview and insight. We are supporting businesses with the following analytics services:

Strategic Business Insight

We make sense of the data volume to improve business strategy and execution using the database, statistics, and machine learning. We deliver the appropriate insight by evaluating strategic themes like effectiveness, efficiency, needs, and innovation across a business. Our solutions are clear, documented, and in actionable points.

Text Mining

Our data scientists explore, extract, and organize large and unstructured data texts to transform them into a structured and readable format. We use these texts for further qualitative and quantitative analysis to get meaningful and relevant insight into the business. Through these text insights, we predict future events using machine learning models.

Competitive Analytics

Analyze, interpret, and visualize your competitor’s data to help make your strategic decision and gain an advantage. The analysis and comparison of functional metrics and KPIs with the competitor help unravel the improvement areas and required strategic changes. We offer tactical and strategic competitive intelligence to businesses to navigate the competitive market.

Customer Strategy

Build strong customer relationships and optimize decision-making with a strong customer strategy. We analyze and forecast information about target market and consumer behavior from data gathered across several marketing channels to improve business tactical and strategic decisions. An insight into consumer behavior helps in improving customer engagement and retention strategies.

Our analytics process automation helps you easily share data, automate the complex process, and get reports. We converge data, processes, and people in a single platform that allows any organization member to generate predictive and prescriptive data insight.

Potential of DefineRight Business Analytics Solutions

Data insight and reports by DefineRight address unique challenges encountered by an organization, department, function, and another business objective. Our business analytics brings solutions for

Fast decision-making – Our data scientist makes models and generates real insights, and the availability of data helps in fast decision making.

Risk management – The availability of data, customer preference, market trend, etc., minimizes the short and long-term risk associated with the business.

Vendor analysis – DR helps identify the strength and weaknesses of each vendor to help discover a new vendor or review the performance of the existing one.

Pitch prospective customer – DR analytics solutions help identify the potential market for the business products and pitch to the prospective customer.

Performance analytics – We analyze the performance metrics of an organization like KPIs and ROI to discover the pain points and improve.

Make Your Business Data-centric with DefineRight Business Analytics Solutions

The data-driven business analytics solutions by DefineRight benefit in many areas like risk analysis, customer analysis, competitive intelligence, foresee potential opportunities, etc. A data-centric approach helps boost the health of a business and gives a competitive edge. Schedule a meeting with our data experts to strategize your business actions.