Core Services

Business Enablement Leveraging Technology

X-Ops and Automation

Our business operations and automation services help resolve day-to-day operational challenges by suggesting feasible solutions pertaining to automation and human expertise.

Business Analytics

As part of our business analytics service, the team at DR assists in data collection, cleansing, and modeling of data pointers for visualized insights based on detailed analysis and projections.

Application Engineering

Our service involves in-depth problem analysis to planning, designing, and developing custom solutions for smooth integrated operations saving significant cost, time, and efforts.

Change Management

Spreading across disciplines, the change management service is an ad-hoc solution to streamline business disciplines making use of our subject knowledge and functional expertise.

While you focus on core activities, we’ll ensure finding the right solutions for you. Let’s get started

Work Process

Aligning Your Objective to the Solution

As we believe in a feedback loop with the user in our entire “Refining” phase, our methodologies are inspired by design thinking to analyze your problems and put forth the most feasible solutions.

Connecting Dimensions

Refining the Components

Designing the Solution

Socializing with Audience

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