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X-Ops and Automation

A technology-infused business operation helps companies make smart decisions and execute the best data-driven practices. The X-Ops and Automation services from DefineRight (DR) streamline the data extraction, management, and analysis process to extract valuable insight and give a new perspective from stored data.

DR implements science and technology in business operations to offer intelligent solutions like data management, vendor performance monitoring, IT applications for data collection, sorting, and data purchase and governance. We build a cloud-based environment for storing and reporting data and performing other tasks. Application of advanced technology such as Data Robot, Amazon Redshift, Adobe analytics, Databricks, and Azure gives us an edge to serve and optimize business operations. DefineRight offers a time-efficient, cost-effective, and AI & ML-enabled intelligent business operations solution to bring competitive brilliance.

The spectrum of X-Ops and Automation Solutions by DefineRight

Our X-Ops business operation solutions support businesses in organizing their complex data analysis process. The solutions that we offer to organizations based on their requirement and needs are as follows.

Data Management

DefineRight extends the holistic data management service by including collation, cleaning, and consolidation of data securely and efficiently. We help regulate data usage within the prescribed policies for its maximum utilization for informed decision-making by and for organizations.

Vendor Performance Monitoring

Our vendor performance monitoring solutions aim to improve the vendors’ quality, delivery, and Return on Investment of the business. We use Vendor Portal for collecting Performance Metrics and creating vendor Scorecards that give data-based vendor oversight and help rank Pharma CROs.

Automated Data Collection & Sorting

We create custom applications using AI and ML programming to capture documents data and convert them into readable files. Automated data collection methods such as OCR, OMR, ICR, IDR, and Voice recognition facilitate a rule-based data capture to enhance efficiency and reduction in error.

Data Purchase and Governance

DR customized solutions for data purchase and governance help manage the Data purchase process and avoid duplicate purchases to maintain data consistency. Data governance ensures availability, integrity, and data security based on the enterprise data policies and standards.

Key Benefits of DefineRight X-Ops and Automation Services

Intelligent Business operation solutions stimulated by cloud-based technologies transform businesses with robust data management strategy and in-depth data insight and analysis. Some benefits that DR brings to business through its X-Ops and Automation solutions are as follows:

  • Creation of customized dashboards – DR creates custom dashboards for businesses and thus gives valuable data and business insight to boost productivity.
  • Ensure data privacy and security – We develop secure and authentic IT applications to ensure data privacy and security.
  • Reduces time for report generation – The automatization of the data-collection and storing process saves time and fast track the report generation process.
  • Improves operational efficiency – Our business operation gives an insight into costs incurred in operations and accordingly adjusts your business model, techniques, and methods to improve operational efficiency.
  • Informed decision making – Valuable data insight and analysis on future trends, customer behavior, vendor performance, and others support making an informed decision.

X-Ops and Automation Supporting Data-driven Decisions

As part of business enablement services, our X-Ops and Automation solutions simplify and expedite the complex process of data collection, storage, and analysis with modern tools and platforms like AI, ML, and cloud technology. Our real-time and in-depth data visualization empowers businesses with operational efficiency, productivity, and cost-efficiency.

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