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X-Ops and Automation

A technology-infused business operation that helps companies efficiently manage their everyday operations and execution details of the various transformation projects that an organization is running. The X in X-Ops and Automation services of DefineRight( DR) stands for business, data, or systems Ops, a combination of any two of them or all three. DR manages your execution details through a cross-functional team that collaborates at scale and integrates with your business function to focus on execution so that your team can spend more time monitoring and providing directions.

DR implements a mix of human and technology to offer customized solutions to your operational challenges. Operational problems are not single-faceted but have a lot of moving dimensions. Hence, we cannot have a solution that is one size fits all. All problems, no matter how similar they appear prima facie, need to be looked at from four underlying problem dimensions – Process, Technology, People, and Data.

It creates operational efficiencies by helping you manage changing business requirements and priorities, giving you time to focus on business-critical initiatives, and improving your responsiveness and agility towards your stakeholders, thereby creating a great customer service experience.

The spectrum of X-Ops and Automation Solutions by DefineRight

Our X-Ops and Automation Services enable business functions by navigating through the details of the execution of their business-critical projects as well as managing the everyday operations and increasing the service experience of the business stakeholders, and allowing the business function team to focus on business-critical initiatives.

Business, System and Data Operations (X-Ops)

Operations in Pharma is usually a multi-dimensional problem specific to an organization and therefore requires thoughtful consideration and bespoke solutions involving Process, Technology, People, and Data.

DefineRight partners and integrates with business functions to manage the effort-intensive or necessary but less value-add business, system, and data operations in support of their day-to-day operations.

Our X-Ops Services help manage your urgent deliveries so that your team can focus on the important deliveries. Activities such as responding to queries from your CRO, Study Teams and Field Staff, performing business-driven activities in your functional systems like CTMS, EDC, and CRM etc., supporting enhancements to your business function systems, delivering Adhoc analytics and bug fixing and enhancements of your analytics portfolio.

Together with managing operations, we also provide analytics services on the operations conducted. This helps find relevant insights from your operations, allowing you to identify improvement opportunities to reduce cycle time, duplication, and cost.

Project Management Services for Strategic Projects

DefineRight provides Project Management Services for your strategic projects. They work in partnership with your business function team to help lead, guide and deliver the various components of your strategic initiatives. Our recruitment and training practices ensure that our people have a thorough understanding of the Pharma process, data, and systems ecosystem, allowing them to ask the right questions and make the right connections and timely risk mitigation.

Steady State Support Post Project Completion

The success of any initiative within an organization depends on the kind of support that is provided post-completion of the implementation. Businesses today are in an environment that is constantly changing, and therefore all solutions must constantly adapt to this changing environment.

DefineRight provides post-implementation support to your business and technical solutions and keeps them updated as per changing business processes and regulations to ensure they do not become obsolete and do not fall behind in the adoption curve.

Process Mapping and Automation

Business Processes today are becoming increasingly complex and have a lot of cross-functional dependencies.

DefineRight, with its expertise in Pharma, helps map the current processes within your business function to identify standardization and automation opportunities.

Robust Process mapping can also help with knowledge management and knowledge sharing in an industry where functions, despite working in silos, have a lot of interdependencies.

Key Benefits of DefineRight X-Ops and Automation Services

Our X-Ops Services transform businesses by managing the effort of execution and allowing businesses to spend more of their time on strategic projects. This increases the chances of success and ROI of such projects. Some benefits that DR brings to business through its X-Ops and Automation solutions are as follows:

  • Improves operational efficiency –Our business operation gives an insight into costs incurred in operations and accordingly adjusts your business model, techniques, and methods to improve operational efficiency.
  • Improves ROI of your strategic projects – We manage the execution of your everyday operations giving your team more time to focus on business-critical initiatives that improve the chances of success of your strategic projects
  • Increase stakeholder experience – Our flexible timings vis-à-vis the location of your stakeholders allows timely response to stakeholder questions, thereby enabling smooth operations.
  • Increase accuracy and reduce the cost of operations – Our analytics services on operations data allow you to remove process redundancies, reduce process cycle times, increase accuracy, and reduce the cost of operations.

X-Ops and Automation Supporting Data-driven Decisions

Along with business analytics, change management, and application engineering, DefineRight provides X-Ops and Automation service that gives an opportunity to create a flexible and scalable operating model to meet your everyday operational whirlwind as well as meaningfully contribute to your organization’s goals.

Contact us to enable your business operation with data-driven operational insights leveraging DefineRight X-Ops and Automation services.