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Change Management Services

The execution of analytics insights to evolve the system, technology, process, and other resources in an organization requires a robust change management process. The change management services by DefineRight (DR) streamlines the large and small transformative changes found across all the service verticals of an organization.

DR removes the barriers to change and makes organizations change-capable with its comprehensive change management services. Understanding the downstream impact of re-organization, DefineRight provides change management solutions in four phases - Demonstrate, Define, Scale, and Transform. Our team of analysts helps remove bottlenecks and minimize project risks by making use of AI, ML, and cloud-enabled change management practices.

Significant Change Management Solutions Facilitated by DefineRight

Nowadays, Data-driven organizations strive to thrive on their process, technology, customer expectations, and competitive edge. DR manages data-driven change across an organization effectively with the custom-built change management solution. The following are our custom-built change-management solutions:

Database Change Management

Organizations need to maintain their database for different purposes and ensure it meets the golden standard configuration. We follow best database change management practices, such as a roll forward and roll back script for sigma changes, checking the operation on dev, documenting the made changes, etc., to drive organizational performance.

Analytical Transformative Change

Integrate the analytics solutions with the change management plan to leverage them and embed them in the daily business process. We identify gap analysis, guide implementing analytics solutions at different verticals, manage the roadblocks, and develop a governance model.

Customized Application and Integration

Custom applications meet the different user requirements and help them derive maximum benefits. DR develops customized applications such as custom dashboards, chatbots, etc., and integrates them into business operations, processes, and systems to optimize business results.

Commercial Change Management

Our commercial change management solution helps organizations undergoing commercial reorganization with new commercial region statistics for their product/service. We help organizations shift to a new commercial region through data collection, database management, data analytics, and reporting.

Advantage of Data-driven Change Management Services

Change management has become a vital tool for businesses for a competitive edge. A change driven by data and technology adds value to the business performance and ROI. A few key advantages of our change management practices are:

  • Address latest business challenges – Analytics transformational change management helps identify the latest business challenges of the organization and ways to address them.
  • Bespoke dashboards – We create bespoke dashboards that reflect the organization’s investment, business priorities, and competitive position.
  • Real-time check on change progress – Database change management gives access to real-time data to several users and helps track change progress.
  • Improve business performance – Analyzing change across several verticals and managing them contributes to improving business performance.
  • Better data integration and security – Database change management gives access to well-managed and synchronized data maintaining data privacy and security.