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Change Management Services

With organizations increasing their spending on transformation projects, they are simultaneously increasing their focus on change management to ensure a good return on their investments.

For a long time, change management was considered less of a priority since it dealt with the people side of change. However, with only a small percentage of transformation projects being successful, businesses have realized the importance of backing their transformation initiatives with strong change management proves. The change management services by DefineRight (DR) streamline the execution of the change operations for large and small transformative changes in an organization.

DR integrates components of change management into its other service offerings as well as provides change management services on a standalone basis.

Significant Change Management Solutions Facilitated by DefineRight

Nowadays, Data-driven organizations strive to thrive on their process, technology, customer expectations, and competitive edge. DR manages the operational activities of change management and allows your business teams to focus on the more critical activities of the change management process. The following are some of the change management services that we provide:

Change Management Operations

Help the business and/or change management function with operational activities such as creating and maintaining communication templates, Quick Reference Guides, Frequency Asked Questions, etc., in order to make the change management initiative successful.

Knowledge Management

One of the first objectives of change management teams is to provide impacted users with visibility to the change management process and various activities to increase awareness. DR helps build custom solutions that allow you to have a single repository for managing and disseminating this information. Users have one place to go to address all their questions regarding change and access relevant collateral.

Analytical Transformative Change

Integrate the analytics solutions with the change management plan to leverage them and embed them in the daily business process. We work with usage data and conduct frequent stakeholder feedback to assess if the analytics is still relevant to the needs of the business or needs to adapt to the change in business processes, thereby optimizing the analytics portfolio.

Advantage of Data-driven Change Management Services

Change management has become a vital tool for businesses for a competitive edge. A change driven by data and technology adds value to business performance and ROI. A few key advantages of our change management practices are:

  • Reduced cost of change –Helping with the execution details of change management allows your team to focus on the more critical aspects of the change management process.
  • Creation of change collateral –We partner with you to create change collateral in different formats keeping in mind the objective of communication and using principles of design to ensure effective communication.
  • Increase adoption – Guide the Team through their questions and day-to-day operations around the impact of change and new ways of working.
  • Improve business performance – Analyzing change across several verticals and managing them contributes to improving business performance.