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Business Enablement Services

Businesses have increased their spending on strategic transformation projects. At any time, organizations have multiple transformation projects running. DefineRight (DR) forms a dynamic layer between your strategic transformation projects and day-to-day operations to create alignment between them for the better success of your transformation projects.

We firmly believe that every Business Enablement Challenge has multiple dimensions – Process, Technology, Data, and People. The differential share of each dimension and their interactions in the problem pie is what makes every problem unique.

DR’s unique combination of digital, data and human expertise can handle complex business challenges around data, process, technology, and people. With the best possible use of AI, ML, automation, cloud, and hybrid tools & technology, we promise strategic transformation of business data and propose relevant insight.

The team at DR is experienced in process engineering, data engineering, application engineering, and change management. Our data analysts and data scientists make optimum use of the available technology and resource to scale the business results.

Give the ownership of your challenging business problems to DefineRight, and narrow your focus to core business areas.

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Offered by DefineRight

At DR, we help organizations optimizing business operations and scaling up for maximum throughput. We hold our expertise in the following range of services:

X-Ops and Automation

We act as your extended team to strengthen the delivery and improve business performance by meeting stakeholder demands faster. Our business consultants can work with your team to manage projects and operational activities and bring efficiency through standardization and reducing complexity, thereby not only improving the overall quality of operations but keeping your customers happy and allowing your team to use their time for strategic initiatives.

Business Analytics

We build agile and customized analytics solutions using technology, data, and business expertise that predict and support strategic operations. How complex the data be, the data analysts and data scientists at DR remove data clutter, brings the relevant data at the right time, provide accurate & relevant data insight, and provide robust data governance for respective clients.

Application Engineering

Our application engineering solutions automate and simplify your business process using AI and automation tools and the most appropriate technology. DR follows a comprehensive application development approach, including analysis, planning, design, development, testing, and maintenance. The developed applications adhere to all the privacy regulations, improve business performance, and give a better UX experience for better adaptability.

Change Management

Our change management approach is a four-step process - demonstrate, define, scale, and transform, observed across all service verticals. This is to ensure that the solutions we deliver are well adopted for better ROI as well as to support businesses to cope with evolving technology, process, customer expectations, competitive pressure, etc.

Why Choose Us

End-benefits of Our Service

    • Right Size – Our size allows us to keep pace with changing business needs without compromising quality.
    • Long-term engagement - We invest in building relationships with our customers and their success and follow a long-term engagement approach.
    • Excellent domain expertise - Our team holds excellent domain expertise in data science, application engineering, data management, and AI/ML-based applications as well as a strong understanding of diversified business portfolios.
    • Deep focus approach - We focus on a select few service lines to deliver optimum value.
    • Best service through Learning - Our learning approach helps gain a deep understanding of the client’s business and requirements and offer the best service.


Partner with DefineRight for Operational Improvement

DefineRight puts together the right set of people, processes, and technology to solve complex business challenges and excel in operational efficiency. Our Services build data, technology, and process-inspired solutions with effective change management and help reach your strategic goals. Partner with DefineRight to ensure better success and adoption of your transformation projects.

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