Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of DefineRight Inc. outlines the information about privacy conditions and practices followed by the DefineRight website. The page briefs you on how we collect, use, share and disclose the visitors’ personal information through the DefineRight website.

DefineRight (DR) collects its visitor Personal Identifiable Information (PII) from the website when any user visits our website and shares personal information for any inquiry or consultation. Therefore, we advise you to go through and review our privacy policy.

The page will help you better understand our terms and condition. Once going through this page, you comply with the collection and usage of information in your PII.

What Information DefineRight Collects and Use

We collect selected data of our website visitors to provide our service, technical assistance, resolve queries, or communicate. The information provided by a visitor includes name, phone number, email address, contact address, or any other PII.

We want to inform you that DefineRight does not sell, rent, or provide the shared PII information of a visitor to anyone outside DefineRight under any circumstances. Further, we do not record, organize, structure, store, or modify our visitor PII unless we receive any information for future communication, consultation, or promotion.

Once the project, campaign, or engagement with visitors ends, DefineRight removes the shared visitor information from the database. We also remove visitors’ data after receiving an explicit request.

How DefineRight Makes Use of Log Data and Cookies

DefineRight may collect log data, but we never store it. ‘Log Data’ is the data received by DefineRight, sent from a visitor browser, every time a visitor visits our site. Log data provides information like visitors’ computer IP address, version & type of browser, and other web statistics.

The visitors’ device contains web analytics cookies, and we receive those cookies whenever a visitor accesses our site with its device. DefineRight uses those cookies only for performing web analytics and behavioral analysis.

What Information DefineRight Collects from Google Analytics Advertising

DefineRight fetches information about its visitors from its Google Analytics Advertising enabled feature. Google Analytics reports demographics, network impressions, interests and collects data by advertising cookies.

We strictly comply with Google policies and keep the user’s PII and non-PII information confidential and separate. Before taking any action, we seek users’ consent on collected data from Google advertising products or features.

Google Analytics opt-out link

If any visitor wishes not to share PII in the Google Analytics Advertising feature, we suggest the user for clicking on the Google Analytics Opt-out link. It will prevent Google Analytics from extracting any information of the visitor. After this action, you can download and install Google Analytics Opt-out Add-On by Google on your web browser.

How DefineRight use the Information for Communication

DefineRight uses the shared PII information of visitors for communication and promotion purposes and contacts them. We can communicate with our visitors through email, phone, or other methods, to update our products, services, privacy policy, or marketing activity.

For not using their PII, the visitor may contact DefineRight at any point time.

Data Security Provided by DefineRight

The data shared by our visitors are crucial for us. We take proactive measures to protect all the PII of our visitors explicitly shared with us, both online and offline.

The visitor information collected for our website is encrypted and safely transferred to our CRM. We allow only authorized personnel, like the customer care or billing team, can access your saved data.

DefineRight stores all the personally identifiable information in a safe environment and under highly-secure surveillance.

DefineRight Privacy Policy Updates

DefineRight reserves the right to amend or update its privacy policy at its discretion. Therefore, we request all our visitors regularly visit this page to know our updated privacy policy.

In case of continuity of service after any amendment in the privacy policy, it requires your acknowledgment and consent to bound to the updated privacy policy.

Contact Us

For any clarification or inquiry on our Privacy Policy or data protection regulations, you can email us at Our customer care representative will reach out to you in no time.